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ART AS A JOURNEY WITHIN – An Interview with Olivia Fraser

Author: The Acropolitan Magazine Editorial team

March 28, 2022

For centuries art has been a natural means to express one’s inner journey – be it as a community or as an individual search. So has it been for Olivia Fraser, who has used her art to uplift, to produce wonder and beauty, and to find the ‘inner essence’ of things. Olivia Fraser moved to [...]

The Symbolism of the Lotus

Author: M.A. Carrillo de Albornoz & M.A. Fernández

August 26, 2014

In the Orient, this flower has various symbolic aspects but its main characteristics stem from the fact that it blossoms on stagnant waters. This is why the lotus is seen as a symbol of purity; although blossoming on murky waters it remains immaculate. Rising out of the darkness to blossom in full sunlight, this flower [...]