The Inner Mirror

Article By Jorge Angel Livraga

posted by USA-NC, July 20, 2015

Woman eye . Hand painted fashion illustrationToday, as the myth of equality is losing force, it is easier to appreciate the wisdom of the ancients, who affirmed that all things and all beings have a different existence.

More than that, even within the same person it is difficult to find two identical states of mind throughout the course of a day, a month or a year. Unfortunately, apart from the exceptions that prove the rule, these states of mind often have a pernicious common denominator, which is to see the negative side of each and every thing.

Everyone, in their own way, feels that they are a “martyr”, misunderstood or victimized by others, that nobody loves or values them as much as they deserve, together with a long etcetera that will be impossible to detail here.

It is clear how egocentrism, with a lesser or greater tendency towards egoism, changes attitudes and behaviors, making intelligent people fools, workers lazy and potentially strong people weak.

The excess of individualism is as bad as the lack of it.

Everyone believes they have in some way the keys to success, but when they are put to the test they fail, usually casting the blame on others and adopting gloomy psychological positions. It is not uncommon to meet individuals who display a truly tyrannical attitude towards their subordinates, but are extremely sensitive when they have to obey or listen to someone correcting them. All joy will fade at that moment and a gray cloud will enfold their agonized consciousness, which will believe itself to be a victim of injustice, while proclaiming its own goodness and the errors of the other.

I have been deeply struck by this pessimistic and negative attitude when observing it over the years in hundreds of people who could have had a much more authentic, positive and humble attitude towards life.

It reminds me of Plato’s parable about the “Eye of the Soul”, which, according to the direction in which it is turned, will see different landscapes and transmit dark, gray visions or truly luminous ones. I then imagined that we have something within us that is like an adjustable mirror. It reflects whatever it is directed towards. If it is left weak and slack, focusing on the lower aspects of the world, it will reflect only shadows, dangers, adversities. If with a little effort we manage to turn it upwards, even if only towards the horizon, its field of vision will considerably expand and without losing sight of the shadows, it will also see luminous horizons and many interesting beings and things, worth taking into consideration. The soul will expand its possibilities of perception and therefore its ability to discern, decide and act.

If with a firm will we turn the mirror even higher upwards, the adversities of the world will disappear and a heaven of light will bring beauty and joy to our hearts. We will be naturally disposed towards success and joy, and wisdom will unfold, revealing true marvels as well as the hidden causes of the visible things. We will see the hands of God in every work and his immeasurable Thought reigning over every idea and every form.

Thus, earnestly focused on the vision and experience of these wonders, we will gradually forget the objects of our petty egoism, our ignorance that loads onto other people’s backs the weight of the responsibilities that ennoble and justify our lives.

By maintaining this reflection of Heaven in our Soul, everything will become easier, and our paths will become more pleasant, fruitful and joyful. Truly, it is worth the effort, since from one seed of will, a whole forest of well-being, happiness and emotional contentment will grow, as a result of being able to see with clarity the characteristics of the Path and of the travelers, which we cannot distinguish when the mirror is turned towards the shadows.

Hesitation will dwindle and fear will be replaced by a healthy, renewing and vital interest in life.

Complaints will turn to smiles and naturally we will become much more accepted by others… simply by turning our inner mirror upwards.

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