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Mandala: Voyage to the Center

Author: Sivan Barzilay

February 6, 2016

INTRODUCTION A traditional Japanese story speaks of a disciple who once asked his master how one could achieve enlightenment. The master suggested in a matter of fact manner, that he must do exactly the same thing he did every morning for the sun to rise. After much pondering, the confused disciple went back to his master to [...]

Images of Enlightenment – The Buddhist Mandala

Author: Agostino Dominici

February 1, 2015

Because many colourful collections of mandalas are easily accessible nowadays in public art museums as well as in digital art galleries, it is easy to fall into common misconceptions. These peculiar ‘objects’, which can easily be mistaken for some kind of ‘art- form’, are actually among the finest remnants of the practical occultism found in [...]

Let’s play some Chess

Author: Agostino Dominici

May 13, 2014

Although I have never been a chess player I have always been fascinated by the various elements which constitute this game. Looking at the black and white chess board or the shapes of the various pieces I feel as if something very old and mysterious has been hidden behind those symbols. The origins of this [...]