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The Magic of Thoth-Hermes

Author: Agostino Dominici

September 14, 2018

The Western esoteric tradition has its roots deeply embedded in a distant past. An important part of this ‘tradition’ has been preserved in the so-called Hermetic teachings also known as Hermeticism. In this article I am going to highlight some basic aspects of the Hermetic teachings focusing especially on its magical aspect. The main sources [...]

The Esoteric Aspect of Chivalry

Author: Julian Scott

April 2, 2018

The word ‘chivalry’ comes from the French ‘chevalier’, which means ‘knight’ or ‘horseman’. Symbolically, the horse represents the body and its associated energies and emotions, while the rider represents the higher self of the human being, the best and noblest part of ourselves. The knight is not perfect, but is on a path towards perfection. [...]

The Razor’s Edge

Author: Anonymous

June 1, 2014

Production: 1946 Country: USA Directed By: Edmund Goulding Starring: Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, Anne Baxter, John Payne, Clifton Webb, Herbert Marshall, Lucile Watson, Frank Latimore, Elsa Lanchester Written By: John Byrum, Murray Bill Soundtrack composed by: Jack Nitzsche Director of Photography: Peter Hannan DVD Distribution: Fox Length: 145 min. Plot: Based on the novel by [...]