The Choices We Make

Article By Angela Diaco

posted by Kurush Dordi, October 16, 2020

choicesThe end of a decade approaches. For those who choose to acknowledge that a much larger cycle is coming to a close, the next few days are charged for reflection.

Philosophers have always asked: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? It’s important that we continually ask these questions and be brave enough to face the answers.

What have we built in the last 10 years? How have we changed? What journey will we embark on in the next decade? Taken a level further: who are we as a global humanity? How have we changed over time? The answers to these questions may have us feeling like we’re coming up short.

After all, we may not be able to affect the geopolitical disposition of the world at large. We can’t solve the bigger problems we face through good intentions alone. It may seem like the currents are too strong to have much positive impact in the world, the waves seemingly unstoppable.

Despite these feelings, we must now ask ourselves: do we get lost in our own bubble of illusion and become passive? Should we abdicate our implicit responsibility to ourselves and each other? When we allow ourselves to become numb to the cries of the world, life begins slip loose from the moorings of purpose and meaning.

2019 gave us examples of brave individuals who chose not to be overtaken by this kind of thinking, with great success. They teach us that we are defined in the end, by the sum of our choices. If we want to make the best choices in order to be our best selves, we will need history as our teacher – both individually and collectively.

In 2020, we need to reaffirm our true value by seeing ourselves connected to a cause bigger than ourselves. We need to live fearlessly with a real sense of purpose that embraces a bigger picture of Reality. We need to see ourselves, not just in the context of some great arc of history, but as active participants in that history.

Finally, we need to exercise discernment. We need to begin to develop the faculty of inner vision and insight. We must do our best to see things as they truly are and never stop trying to imagine them as they could be. It must be recognized that next year, we can become Co-Creators here in this world and we will determine the future – even as our choices in the past have all lead to this moment we are now living. Exercising the Power of Choice in this manner is truly our superpower for a better world. Cheers to that!

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