For Your Soul to Grow

Article By Jorge Angel Livraga

posted by USA-NC, January 3, 2022

For your soul to growI am not referring to your Divine Spirit which, because it is so, can neither grow nor diminish, be born nor die, but to that higher part in us which we commonly call Soul.

It is common knowledge that physical exercise, for example, develops muscles, and that any learning must be based on tenacity in exercising that which we want to grow, whether it is the mastery of a language or that of any machine.

In the same way, if you want to make your Soul grow, you have to exercise it, tirelessly, every day. And for this, special exercises are not essential; it is enough to have a focused attention, naturally oriented towards the spiritual. When you observe the phototropism of the leaves of a plant or the bark of trees, try to grasp that which is more inwardly placed, that which is the motor and cause of what you see superficially. Accustom yourself to sense the hands of God through your surroundings, studying all things carefully and with the purity and innocence of a small child.

Get into the habit of stopping several times a day in your work and busyness, to dedicate yourself, even if only for a few minutes, to observe. Leave your body still and in a comfortable position, so that it does not disturb you… and observe, listen. Do not move, do not make noise, not even with your mind, and you will perceive how things hidden to the common of mortals are revealed to you. And those things are not for you to shout them to the four winds nor to boast about them, but for you to see the existence of the myriads of beings and natural agreements that sustain the Universe. If you understand this well, you will become more humble and more inclined toward the things of the Spirit.

For your Soul to grow, the first thing you must do is to perceive it, and even before that, you must silence as much as possible the tumults of your personality, because in the midst of so much shouting you would hardly hear the murmur of a sage.

You do not have to become an ascetic in any sense (which, in any case, you are unlikely to achieve) but simply give each thing its true place and its real importance. You have to eat? Then eat, but do not take solace in it nor seek refinements that incite gluttony. And so with everything else. Control your imagination, for it is your imagination that makes the mud of this world glint like gold, making you always run after treasures that in the end fall apart in your hands.

Such are the simple things you have to do for your Soul to grow.

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