Open the Mind: Make the Best Ideas Ours

Article By Delia Steinberg Guzmán

posted by USA-NC, May 1, 2017

Can we think absolutely by ourselves, without any influence? I think not, nobody can do that. But we can assimilate ideas of other people that align very well with our own and that we come to feel as decidedly ours.

What we can do is internalize ideas, thoughts, beliefs that we feel are the ones that best fit us.

In terms of convictions originality does not matter, to have a new idea never expressed until now; but rather to properly live an idea, which may have come from remote times. And that the idea will be useful and suitable in order to elaborate a whole system of related values.

The first step is to open the mind in its aspects of creative imagination and intuition, and not to close ourselves.

By exercising thought, knowing how to listen, knowing how to read, stopping to reflect on words and what they mean, little by little we will open a space for the confidence in the certainties that begin to emerge.

The second step is to try to live, to apply those ideas and intuitions, to make them ours, even if we make mistakes, because we also learn from mistakes.

If we manage to live fully a few great sentiments, a few clear ideas, we will experience the certainty of knowing that we are the masters of ourselves.

Of course, we should not confuse our convictions with absolute truth.

To want is to be able. And in this case, if you want, you can begin to live with conviction your best feelings, ideas and moral values.

The key is in you.

Excerpt from the book “What we do with the Heart and the Mind”

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