Dance and Sacred Stillness

Article By Miha Kosir

posted by UK, May 13, 2016

1355140528_b17d792e4c_zAfter a long dark night and a very deep sleep a sound like a ray of light ignited a dense inertia. The movement started and there was time and the beginning of the universe. And so the cosmic dance started, moving galaxies, stars, planets and our souls. Shiva Nataraja. Shiva’s dance is life and death, cycles within cycles, and cycles upon cycles. Every movement as such is an expression of that primordial Will stepping forth.

The ancient Greek writer Lucian from the 2nd century AD wrote: “It would seem that dancing came into being at the beginning of all things, and was brought to light together with Eros, that ancient one, for we see this primeval dancing clearly set forth in the choral dance of the constellations, and in the planets and fixed stars, their interweaving and interchange and orderly harmony.”

Space and time are not homogeneous. Not every mountain is considered to be a sacred mountain and not every dance is a sacred dance; but it can become so. Beyond the threshold, where the sacred resides, there is no time and no movement, but this is where the movement originates. In our sacred anatomy we can find this stillness in our heart. We dance without thought having any control and we spin in the arena of life like a channel. We come to the threshold and we find the sense of our wholeness. From that centre we find a rebirth, that unconditioned mode of being, the spring of life.

This is how we dance through our lives.

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