Against Separation, We Need Trust

Article By Delia Steinberg Guzmán

posted by India North, October 4, 2014

The word “unify” comes from the Latin unus and facere, “to make one”, that is, to bring together various different parts that are coherent with another, and combine them in such a way that we can achieve a harmonious and homogeneous unity. It is an act of coming closer together, of connection, which, if it did not exist, would mean that each of the parts or beings would follow different paths –something which is not wrong in itself– but it would cause them to be divided, disunited and opposed to one another. Without that gesture of unification, we would have to live in a perpetual chaos, in which it would be very difficult to find meaning in existence and its changing circumstances.

Indeed, the sickness which is oppressing our present historical time and which we have been incubating for a long time is separatism, division, the open struggle between increasingly smaller factions, ending up in individual confrontation. This sickness can be seen in different arenas: political, cultural, religious, artistic, social, as well as in families. It can be experienced on the streets of the big cities and it is already making itself felt in the smaller towns. Distrust is lord and master of people’s minds and this results in discourtesy, rudeness, irritation, unscrupulousness, insincerity, selfishness…

There is no possible coexistence when the generosity of love is not present and when what prevails is the self-absorbed feeling that one is the only person in the world. To coexist we have to widen our consciousness and allow space for all living beings. We have to understand life in all things and conceive the infinity of the universe. We have to know and value everything that is… and be brave enough to share what we are with everybody else. No one can reach their own self-fulfillment if they have no respect for the self-fulfillment of others.

A good dose of unification is what we all need in general and each of us in particular. We need to experience once again the reality of that great family which is Humanity, the happiness of friendship, of mutual trust, of the desire to support and help, to look each other in the eyes again and find luminous truths instead of frightening shadows.


Delia Steinberg Guzmán (1943 -2023 ), served as the International President and later Honorary President of the International Organisation New Acropolis.

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