The Eternal Seeker

Article By Delia Steinberg Guzmán

posted by editor1, September 3, 2018

One cannot speak of philosophy without speaking of the philosopher; one cannot mention the world of ideas without speaking of the person who is capable of living those ideas. So, if we had to highlight one of the fundamental characteristics of the philosopher, the lover of wisdom, we would say that such a person has the qualities of the eternal seeker. He is a self-conqueror, who will only stop seeking when he has finally reached wisdom; and we don’t know whether, even then, he will go on to seek other things, which are incomprehensible and inaccessible for us today.

The philosopher is like a tracking dog running through fields and forests, over mountains and along the rivers of life, following some very special tracks. He is seeking the real knowledge of all things. He is seeking himself. He is seeking truth. In a word, he is seeking God as the universal root.

But why is his path so long and difficult? Is Truth not to be found in the world in which we live? Can God not be seen here? Is it necessary to cross an infinite desert – our manifested life, our historical environment, our circumstances – to find what we are looking for beyond these frontiers? No.

We believe that God and Truth are to be found in this world, in our environment, in our achievements and in our problems. But they are covered by a thick layer of mud. They are disguised under grotesque figures, to the extent that on many occasions lies occupy the place of Truth and no one seems to be able to unmask them; and inner emptiness and unbelief take the place of the natural impulses of the human spirit.

The skill of the philosopher in search of wisdom lies in finding in the here and now, in the midst of errors and ignorance, in the midst of darkness and traps, those hidden realities that are waiting for the efforts of valiant human beings to bring them to light, so that they can shine with all their power.

It is necessary to search, to search tirelessly, without wasting the slightest opportunity of discovering light in the darkness, of finding some drops of happiness even in the midst of sorrows, a particle of Truth amongst all the confusion.

The important thing is the goal, it is to use the senses and the intelligence as reliable guides to reach it. A philosopher is someone who knows what they are looking for and how to achieve it.

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