Invisible Egypt

Article By Sabine Leitner

posted by UK, May 17, 2016


In our culture the word ‘invisible’ is often taken to mean ‘non-existent’. But for the ancient Egyptians, the invisible was the cause of the visible and therefore, in a sense, more important. They realised that the form of a person, what they wear and how they appear is only a reflection of something internal which we cannot see. And likewise that the things that are most important to us, such as life and death, justice, thoughts and feelings, are all invisible. So they dedicated their civilization to a profound investigation – and living experience – of the invisible side of life.

Each civilization has perhaps a distinguishing characteristic, something in which it excelled. I would suggest that in the case of Egypt that something was magic. In our times this word tends to have rather negative connotations: dabbling with dark forces, selling our soul to the evil side, power for power’s sake, or simply primitive superstition. But magic is actually a science, the science of cause and effect, not only on the physical level but above all on the invisible level: the relationship between the inner and the outer.

In Egypt they didn’t have a word for religion, but they did have a word for magic. This word was ‘heka’. It can be translated as a powerful energy, or as someone who masters this energy. It was understood that everything is based on a certain form of energy. Energy is all around us. One who masters that energy is one who knows heka.

Heka consists of two parts: ‘he’ and ‘ka’. ‘He’ is the word for knot and ‘Ka’ is what occultists call the ‘astral body’ or ‘double’ . It is an energy that is around everything.

Why is the knot so important? Because a knot can join two things together. The knot symbolically links heaven and earth, and it can link the inner and the outer. So the knot is a part of understanding what magic is about. In order to produce this knot within yourself, you have to bring about that harmony and balance between the inner and the outer. You have to be conscious both within yourself and outside yourself. You have to be on a threshold, looking at both inside and outside. Then you become the knot. And in that moment, because of the knot, the energy starts flowing. Now that there is a link, energies can go through, whereas before they were separated.

I mentioned at the beginning that each civilization excels in one particular thing, but I think it is also important to realize that when that culture dies, its work is not lost. What it has developed or discovered becomes part of the heritage of humanity. So by studying ancient Egypt and immersing ourselves in its symbols we can reconnect with its magical spirit and live it in some form today. Not in exactly the same form, but by capturing its spirit, which is the idea of the knot – heka – the idea of joining everything together, so that the energy of life can flow. In our times we are witnessing a lot of divisiveness and separateness geopolitically. What better way to begin to counteract this than by cultivating the spirit of the knot? This would be a wonderful magic for today.


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