The Art of Creative Writing

Article By Natalia Lema

posted by UK, April 19, 2016

It is a common belief that writing is only for those who possess a talent and that creativity is something that some people have and others don’t. However, another way of looking at it is to see creativity as one of our human characteristics, and writing as a unique opportunity to nurture our mind and heart by allowing the authentic expression of our being. Writing is almost like a relationship we establish with ourselves, a meeting point between our thoughts, our emotions and the pen.
Not many of us choose to have a private space and time to let this creativity come through. So an important first step on the journey of writing is just to allow yourself that time so that your own style can unfold and your skills can develop. It is recommended to write as much as you can as a daily practice and to use all the emotions you experience as sources of inspiration.
It is good to let your voice and hand lead the process. It is like freeing a bird from a cage, but not necessarily showing it where to go, because having no instructions is what enhances creativity. But to wait for inspiration is also a misconception, because that special moment doesn’t come when we wait passively. Instead, it happens when we can look around and see what we have always seen, but with different eyes.

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  1. Jayant Mehta says:

    Wonderful. Will try out creative writing. I suppose it’s like painting. Let your idea flow.
    Jayant Mehta

  2. Bikram Singh says:

    As reading regularly this kind of knowledge about creative surely bebificial for those

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