The true power of water

Article By Florimond Krins

posted by UK, March 2, 2016

Made of 70% of it we all know that water is crucial to our own survival as we can’t live without it, literally.  It will only take a couple of days for our body to stop functioning properly without drinking water. But the importance that water plays in our bodies goes beyond the simply physiological, as Mr. Masaru Emoto discovered 20 years ago while looking at the crystallization of water molecules.

Mr. Emoto realized that the shape of water crystals is directly related to the level of purity of the water. Meaning that the purer the water is the more beautiful and developed the crystal is. But he also discovered that the crystals differ when an emotion or intention is transferred to the water. Once again the more beautiful the emotion/message is, the more beautiful the crystal is. Through many experimentations Mr. Emoto discovered that the “purity” of water can easily be modified, whether by our emotions, words and of course the environment, such as music or even electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices (mobile phones, computers, microwaves…).

If true, this discovery means that water is a strong, effective and very sensitive messenger. It can convey powerful and beautiful messages that can help healing the human body but also our environment. So I invite you to think twice before you drink your daily ration of water as it won’t just hydrate you but could also heal you.

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  1. Canta says:

    The metaphorical meaning is so insightful.

    It suggests an inner cleansing to remain in a pure state.

    It’s beautiful.

    Thank you

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